My Current Obsession With Animal Coffee Mugs

My Current Obsession With Animal Coffee Mugs
I don't know if I have mentioned this yet but I have such a strange obsession with coffee mugs that it is just plain embarrassing. I started collecting them in college and since then my cabinets have been overflowing with a huge amount of them. It's so bad that my family makes fun of me because we have more coffee cups than regular cups! But in all honesty, I can't help it that they are just so cute too leave!!
I'll never forget when I first started drinking coffee I had such a thing for traveler mugs that they would be everywhere! They would fall out of my locker, the car and all out of the cabinets but I loved them anyway! It wasn't until recently that I decided that I would cut back on buying my mugs so often but I recently found a few over the past two months that I loved and decided to add to the collection before I scale back a bit.

First up is my little owl cup. I mainly use this one for tea because it is a perfect size! Also, the owl is my spirit animal so that's a plus! Next up is my little piggy cup. This one was a gift from my mama and I'm sure I have drunk out of this little baby every single day! This one is the perfect size for coffee and doesn't even require a refill which is a plus! On top of that, it is dishwasher/microwave friendly which is a plus! And of course, I could not go any further without talking about this cute little cow mug. If my memory serves me correctly I remember receiving this cup from a holiday exchange during Christmas! When I unwrapped this beauty I was floored at how detailed the cup was. I mainly keep this mug on my bedside for when I have the urge to make some lemon water during the day. I always joke with my mama and ask her "where's my mooo cup" when you need it? Ha! Honestly, I can't live without it!
My Current Obsession With Animal Coffee Mugs
Next up is my little "Fall Vibes" mug! This is the cup that I couldn't leave on the shelf. This cup is the perfect one to sip hot chocolate out of during those cool fall evenings. I just love how the little tail curves up to the ears and acts as a handle to carry. Another detailing that I love is the way the almond-shaped eyes are unevenly made. It gives the mug a little bit of a mischievous feel and It makes me feel a bit sassier when I use it!
My Current Obsession With Animal Coffee Mugs
Last but certainly not least, my cat cup! Honestly, the reason I have sooo many cat coffee mugs is that it was the first type of coffee mug that I had ever bought! I loved the cats so much that I ended up only looking for mugs with them on there. It wasn't until well into my habit is when I realized I needed to switch it up a bit! However, this little baby was on sale and I couldn't pass it up. I love that it says "Be Happy" across the front and is surrounded my cute tiny flowers. I'm pretty sure it was the small detailing on the cup is what sold it to me in the first place! I am a total sucker for unique mugs and that's what I loved about this cup! Anyways, that's all I have to say about my tiny coffee mug haul! If I find any more cute ones I'll be sure to pop them up on the blog! But before I go, do you guys collect coffee mugs as well? Or is it just me?



  1. lol I am sorry we both have a coffee cup addiction. And that is not half your cute cups:)

    1. It's really not!!! But I need to slow down for a second! Ha!