The Story Of How I Learned To Do My Makeup Before The Internet

How I Learned To Do My Makeup
Ok, so very funny story, when I first learned how to do my makeup I was the absolute worsttttt at it all!!!
Back in the day (before internet beauty gurus) the only way to learn how to do makeup was to either watch your mama in the bathroom or ask one of the older girls at school to show you a few tips and tricks. Now things are so different and you can turn to any part of the internet to learn any makeup hack known to mankind! I love that you can find this type of information on the internet but I feel like you haven't really lived until you go through a I don't know what I'm doing phase! I swear to you I lived through this phase through the majority of high school and college and I don't regret it (mostly) one bit!

I'll never forget when I first asked my mama to wear makeup, she told me no because I was waaay too young. Grant it, growing up in the country the rules are very different and you have to wait until you're about 25 to do anything but eventually, my mama was gracious enough to go ahead and let me wear a bit in high school! My first makeup pick was a bit of foundation and I never knew it would be this hard to find something that would fit my shade perfectly. I can honestly say that throughout most of high school I was either a shade over or a shade under my actual skin tone and it was quite frustrating. However, once I was able to master my foundation I eventually moved on to mascara and eyeshadow. Now if you're from the south like I am then you may have had a few moments where you wore waaaaaaay too much eyeshadow at one point or another. I loved my pinks, purples and unfortunately blues as well. I slowed down a bit when one day my dad asked me why do you have so much stuff on your eyes? And I knew then I may have been a bit heavy handed around the eye area! Oops!
How I Learned To Do My Makeup
Things started to get a bit easier once I entered college. By then the Natural Look was in style and the only thing you really needed was powder and a popping lipstick! Unfortunately, I didn't have much experience in the lipstick department and my mama helped me pick the shades that worked for me. I normally liked the shades that are more on the darker/Fall type shades. I feel as though I look best in maroons, browns, and burnt oranges! I never venture outside of those shades and these are some of the colors I still wear till this day! Oh, I also want to point out that at this phase in my life I still was not aware of the fact that I had to fill my eyebrows in so I'm pretty sure I looked a bit ridiculous so I am very thankful camera phones were barely a thing back then! Even though I am pretty sure I saved myself quite the embarrassment back then, it was in these moments is where I was learning more about myself and the way I looked. I was starting to experience really bad acne and felt that makeup would cove it up and make me feel good about myself but in reality, it only made it worse. My mama told me that I had to stop wearing it for awhile until my face healed and I was terrified to go to school showing my natural face. I had never experienced those feelings before because I hadn't been wearing makeup that long but a second is all it took for me to alter how I felt about myself. When I finally decided to arrive at school, I was shocked to see people didn't really care that I wasn't wearing any makeup! In fact, I started to realize that the majority of the girls on campus didn't wear makeup on a daily basis anyway. It was from that point on that I decided to lay off the makeup and embrace my natural face.
It wasn't until I started in Undergrad is when I started to dabble back into makeup again! With being a dancer ultimately means being a performer and with performing comes with a whoooolle lot of makeup and getting ready for shows! It was the first time in my life where I had to practice wearing a massive amount of makeup in a short amount of time! This is about the time when I first learned about wearing fake eyelashes! One thing I have learned from performing is that mascara just does not cut it under all of those lights and one of my good friends showed me how to apply them! Ever since then I have been rocking my lashes like none other! They are my absolute favorite piece of makeup in the whole entire world. I also had to learn the difference between 'stage lashes" and "real life lashes" really quickly! Ha! One looks great in person and the other one just looks plain ole silly! Needless to say, my makeup experience has had its ups and downs but I'm finally at a point where I am very comfortable with the products I use and the way that it makes me look. I also love my natural face and all, as a matter of a fact, you're more likely to catch me around the city in my natural face than you are to catch me in makeup. I love the way I look both ways and wouldn't change a thing about myself.



  1. I can relate. Love your blog Carey. I look forward to reading everyday.

  2. Another relatable blog carey, always on the rise to the better 💙 .