Have You Accomplished Your Goals This Year?

Have You Accomplished Your Goals This Year?
I remember earlier in the year I set a massive amount of goals, some realistic and some very unrealistic but the point is that I sat down and made a list of things that I wanted to be done by the end of the year.
Grant it, I think there should always be a balance when it comes to goal setting because there is nothing worse than getting more than halfway through the year and feeling bad about all of the things you "wish you had done". I personally feel as though I have reached quite a few milestones and for that, I am very grateful. I tried to constantly remind myself this year that this thing called life is not a race and it is very rarely given to the swift. Every day I wake up and check the list of things that I have not yet been able to accomplish and it inspires me to just keep going! I know somethings may fall over into the next year BUT there is nothing wrong with that! I think we all forget that if a goal is unaccomplished that it is NOT a sign of failure but just a reminder that it can be completed when the time is right!
Have You Accomplished Your Goals This Year?
Five things that have been helping me stay on top of my goals this year are:
  • Praying and asking God to keep me on track.
  • Writing down the goals that I haven't accomplished and making a new execution plan for them.
  • Realizing that some goals won't get accomplished until a later date and moving them further back into the year so that I can focus on the ones that are within reach.
  • Waking up EARLY every morning to work on my vision! Nothing get's accomplished in the evening or afternoon! The early bird gets the worm!
  • Staying optimistic in spite of it all! It is so easy to get sidetracked and feel like you're not gonna make it but in reality, you're probably A LOT further than you're giving yourself credit for!
Have You Accomplished Your Goals This Year?
At the end of the day, goals are just little guidelines to the bigger picture in life. I have realized that there isn't any reason to let the simple things in life stress you out. If you're honestly being proactive and getting things done then that's something to be very proud of! I know that July is basically over but there is still PLENTY of time to get the ball rolling on those 2018 goals! There may be only 5 months left in the year BUT that little bit of time can change your entire outcome for 2019! So get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!



  1. So true..goals are little guide lines. I am so glad I have finally been working mine out as we go)

    1. They are! Doing it as you go is alot less stressful to me!