Things That Have Been My Favorite Lately

Things That Have Been My Favorite Lately
It's the summertime, which means there are quite a few things I have that I feel like I can't live without!!
I'm not usually the biggest spender when it comes to accessories mainly because I like to wear the same things over and over again so there's no need to waste money on items that I know will just sit in my closet. However, this time around I was able to find quite a few things to obsess over and no matter what I knew it was going to be a major staple in my wardrobe no matter how many times it will be worn.
The Handbag + Scarf
Here's the thing, never in my life would I have ever bought an orange handbag but when I saw this little cutie in the thrift store I couldn't help but buy it! The moment I picked it up I knew that It was meant to be! I have been rocking this baby day in and day out and it goes with just about anything that I own at the moment. I decided to throw one of my favorite scarves around the bag to get it a bit of a different look since I wear it so much and it has never looked better. You guys know scarves are something I use to accessorize every season because they are so easy to restyle for different purposes.
Things That Have Been My Favorite Lately
Tarjay Birkenstock
I have raved about these shoes longer than any other accessory in life. I started wearing these shoes around the time I was in college and they were complete lifesavers. As a dancer, you need something that is easy to slip on in between classes and that is good for trucking against campus and these were perfect! I loved them so much that I still buy a new pair everytime that they come out!
I have been wearing double ball earrings for about two years now and they have been something that I cannot live without. I have such short hair that I always want to feel l am still looking girly! I love these because they imitate pearls (which are my favorite pair of earrings) and they just have such a classic look! I am also obsessed with the little clip on earrings above the pearls! They slide up the ear and makes the entire look come together. I don't have any other holes in my ears so these fit perfectly and feel like they are barely there!
Things That Have Been My Favorite Lately
Shade Queen
I love a good pair of shades! I always have a hard time picking out a pair that I love because it's kinda hard to match my face shape! I found this cute little pair from a place called EarthBound and they have the cutest things! What I really love about this pair is that the shape is almost "cat eye like" and brings out my almond shaped eyes!
Things That Have Been My Favorite Lately
Last but certainly not least is my little black dress! I cannot even begin to express to you how convenient this thing has been! Some days I really need to run around the city and don't have enough time to really think about an outfit and so a little black dress hasn't steered me wrong yet! I have several black dresses in different styles and you can almost always catch me frolicking around the city in one of these! Welp, that's it for now! These are just a few items that have been in rotation for me this summer and I thought I'd share them with you! I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Monday!



  1. L love the orange handbag. I think I may have one just like it:) Have a good day!