Yesterday Was National Dance Day And Here Is My Story

Sha'Carey Martin
Hello and happy Sunday! Today I thought I'd share a little bonus post for the week all about here we go! Anyways, every year I somehow forget about National Dance Day but this time I am only a day late so I thought I'd share a few pictures and stories about my dance life over the years. 
Sha'Carey Martin
I started dancing when I was just a little kiddo in church! I'm from the south and it is mostly referred to as "Praise Dancing" but the more practical term is called Liturgical dancing! I danced in this form all the way up until I was about a teenager and then I stopped! Even though I wasn't praise dancing anymore my love for dance never left my soul! It wouldn't be until I was about 19 years old is when I would start back dancing and on a more pre-professional training level! As soon as I started college I enrolled in a Pilates class that was geared towards dancers and that's when I learned I could actually study and receive a degree in the field. I spent the next few years training in ballet, modern, jazz and any other style of dance I could wrap my brain around.
Sha'Carey Martin
Throughout my college, I performed in many different places and with many different choreographers. One of my favorite moments in my dance career is dancing on the International Dance Company when I was in college. I learned different styles of dance such as Korean Contemporary, Korean Fan Dance, West African, Bachata and so much more! It was during this time is where I learned my weaknesses as a dancer and decided it was time to master a new craft! It wasn't easy but I know learning other dance forms is what made me the dancer that I am today!
Sha'Carey martin
But it never fails that my first love of dance is and always will be Post Modern technique. Not only is it freeing but it is with this dance is where I feel most like Carey's when I'm the happiest.
I also want to add to the fact that it took years for me to get comfortable with performing in front of people. It made me so nervous and It always stressed me out! Now I love setting my feet on that stage and leaving my heart on the dance floor! For me, dance has been close to my heart and even though my relationship with the art form changes from time to time, I always know that my first love belongs to the dance floor.



  1. I love this because you have always wanted to be a dancer. So happy and proud of you. Cant wait to see your journey forward.

    1. I really did! Thank you for always supporting me!