21 Years Apart And We Still Have A Lot In Common

21 Years Apart And We Still Have A Lot In Common
Don't get me wrong, I love being an older sibling BUT I must say that I didn't see my last sister coming..
Growing up I never thought I would be an only child but I never thought I would be surrounded by four other sisters for the rest of my life either. As a matter of a fact, even though I was an only child for three years, I honestly can't remember any of it. Any memory that I have from my childhood days are always surrounded by another sibling or one is on the way. Back in the day, for the longest time, it was just me and my two baby sisters. We were like the three musketeers! We wore the same outfit, same hairstyles, and the same shoes all the way up until middle school! As a matter of a fact, we dressed so much alike that people would sometimes ask if we were triplets or twins! Yeah, we were all three years apart but we were all different heights, skin tones, and hair textures so that question still baffles me till this day. I guess we can blame it on the fact that my mama was a hardcore matchy-matchy person when she was younger! Ha! But looking back on those days I wouldn't change a thing! Life was funnier and more enjoyable with all of my siblings and I couldn't imagine life without them. As a matter of a fact, when my mama had her fourth baby it was the one to bring the family together as a unit! Not only was she a crybaby but it was the first time I was able to be involved and experience what it really felt like to have a baby around! I learned to change diapers, make bottles and swaddle a baby in ten seconds flat! Grant it I was only 11 years old but I felt like I had learned the true meaning of what it meant to be a mama! Ha! I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you how wrong I was about that but back then I thought I was one tough cookie! Anyways, now there were four of us and things started to get a bit hectic! The previous baby couldn't get over the fact that she wasn't the baby anymore and our three musketeers clique was pretty much over. Even though it took some time to get adjusted to, we had finally settled down into being a girl gang of four.

With the four of us in tow, we were conquering the world! I was just entering middle school, my other sisters were making good grades and the baby was finally making its way into Kindergarten. Before I knew it, years had flown by and I was graduating high school, applying to college and there wasn't a tiny baby in sight! Life was good, and we were actually planning our little move to Texas to start a new life! Once we arrived here I enrolled in college, landed an amazing part-time job at a cafe and was just starting to get my feet wet in the dance scene! One day I was sitting in the library reflecting on my life and all of its recent changes and how I couldn't believe I was about to turn 20 years old! For the first time in forever our house was pretty quiet because everyone had grown up and had different focuses in life. There weren't many toys around anymore, no more hair bows or barbie cakes for birthdays, we had all truly made it in life.....that is.....until.....my mama shared a little suprise with us...

21 Years Apart And We Still Have A Lot In Common

And that surprise was that I was going to be a big sister one last time! I just wanna say that not only was I shocked but I was scared at the same time! Here we are, in this new state, where we don't know ANYBODY and here we are expanding our family! I was very overwhelmed, to say the least! After weeks of the initial shock, I actually started to warm up to being an older sister once again. Unlike when my mama had a baby when I was 11, the months ahead this time around would be forever imprinted in my brain. For the first time ever I was able to really see and understand what goes on in pregnancy! It was amazing watching my mama's belly grow and watch her personality change as well. This time I was able to be a bit more hands-on with the last baby because I was old enough to do things I wasn't allowed to do before. One of the first privileges I was able to experience was being able to be present during the birth of the new baby. I had never seen a real live birth before so you can imagine how stressed and nervous I was waiting for the arrival on the new little one. While in the hospital I worried if we would have anything in common since I was so much older than her. After all, I was already 21 years old and my desire to run around on the floor with baby toys was almost non-existent. For some reason I wanted this new baby to love me and I was determined to do everything in my power that she didn't have a lonely childhood. From the moment she was born I had my camera in hand documenting every step of the way. From the time she entered this world, it has been nothing but pure joy for us!

I'll never forget when I told my boss that I needed time off to bond with my new baby sister and she told me she thought that was very sweet and she let me have an entire week off! I was very excited to get to know the new baby and just hold her all the time. I spent hours giving her kisses, holding her and just hanging out. It nearly broke my heart to go back to school and work because then I couldn't hang out with the baby all the time. Thankfully, my other siblings were there to keep her company and every time I came home she had learned something new! By the time she was about one years old my job had closed down and I was only taking classes two times a week. I was very happy about this because that meant I had more time to spend time with my baby sister. It was very weird having a baby in the house and often times we treated her older than she actually was. Over time we created a bond stronger than anyone. Once she learned to walk I would take her on little walks to our local Starbucks and let her get a little cake pop and she would take pictures for my blog. She loved the camera and doesn't really know a life without it. I documented her birth, temper tantrums, first shots, first tooth loss, and also her first day of school. Over the years I realized that we have our own little special bond and we both have a lot more in common than I thought we would. Because she is the sweetest little thing she made the transition into a bigger siterhood that much easier. Even though we spent soooo much time together, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and hold her as a baby again! Looking back on those moments make me so happy because the last baby added a bit of light to our lives. Oh, and I must add that for the first time in forever I wasn't the "fun" sister! I didn't always have much time to play but I was always there giving her baths, teaching her how to walk and disciplining the other siblings if they did something to upset her! She knew I was the responsible sibling in the family and knew I would come running if she was hurt or cried about anything. As the older sibling, it's inevitable that I am always deemed the "least fun" but at the end of the day they always know that I will always have their back and I am the one that knows how to get things back in order. I take pride in knowing my baby sister comes to me with her tiny issues and accomplishments. If my sisters can tell me anything then I know I have done my job as being an amazing sister.

Of course, she's only six years old now and we have a long ways to go but I know the future will be alright. I always struggle with the fact that I won't live with her forever and she genuinely thinks that all of us living in the house together is the way her entire life will be but honestly it won't be. Pretty soon, I'll be on my own and married and she will have to ask someone else to make her a bowl of her favorite lucky charms in the morning and sometimes that makes me sad. I think I will have a harder time transitioning over than she will but I don't like to think about it too much. One time I asked my baby sister if she was ok with me moving out and she threw an entire fit. She doesn't understand that leaving the nest is apart of growing up but I'll spare those explanations later on down the road. For now, I'll just continue to enjoy our days at the parks, late night movie parties and of course enjoying the moments we have together because at the end of the day being present is all that really matters....



  1. lol I did dress as twins. Thats how I saved lots of money. Gosh time has flown. Blessed by this today's post Carey.
    xo Tangie

    1. It really has! I still remember some of those outfits! We were fancy! Love you mama!