A Funny Story From Our New Reading Spot

A Funny Story From Our New Reading Spot
Since school is back in session I have been helping my baby sister with her little homework after school!
Every day I feel like I learn something new from my baby sister when I sit on the couch to read one of her favorite books to her. I'm also still pretty amazed at the number of excuses one can come up with when one does not want to do any of said homework....but that's another post for another day! Ha! Anyways, today we decided to switch it up a bit and complete some of our reading time on the couch instead of at the kitchen table. For me, I love to switch up my learning environment and I honestly felt like we needed some new scenery since we both were getting a bit antsy during reading time yesterday! Well, as soon as we made it to the sofa Moriah decided that it was a good time to pick up the remote control to see what was happening on the television. Of course, I had to remind her that this was NOT t.v. time and that she had to focus. It was then that I realized that Moriah needs more structure than I do and that meant she would probably perform better if we were at the table and not so much in a relaxed environment. However, since I had already set us up in our new spots I decided to just give it a try anyways....I mean.....how bad could it be?
A Funny Story From Our New Reading Spot
Do you guys want the honest truth? Well, reading from the couch definitely gave her the uncontrollable amount of the giggles! She literally laughed at me everytime I tried to read past one sentence and unfortunately it made me have the giggles as well! Before I knew it we found ourselves constantly starting over because neither one of us had any true focus for the day! Any other time I probably would have been a bit more strict about the situation but then I realized how stressful school can be and sometimes you just need a good ole' laugh about it. I guess in many ways this can be applied to adulthood as well! It's ok to be silly and just relax a little bit even if you know there is so much that you have to do! It's so easy to get caught up in the daily grind that we often times forget to enjoy the moments around us and have a good laugh. I don't know why it took me reading with my sister to realize this but those life lessons sure will show up at the strangest of times....
A Funny Story From Our New Reading Spot
I guess the biggest takeaway from this is to laugh at the little things, embrace life, and let loose a little! Also, has there been anything that made you laugh this week? Anything that made you smile? Feel free to share a little bit below!



  1. Well one ☝🏽 thing that made me excited this week is my Birthday! So, yeah I will be celebrating that this weekend and that has been a highlight of my week because I’m gonna be partying all the way into the month of September

    1. Well Happy Birthday!🎂 Don't party too hard! Ha!

  2. Yes laugh at the little things...Also Moriah has had the giggles all week long:)
    Good read as usual!

    xo tangie