Coffee Before Talkee

Coffee Before Talkee
If you have been reading here then you KNOW I have the biggest obsession with cute little coffee mugs!!
I will never forget when my mama surprised me with my very first coffee mug and how happy I was to have my own. My very first owl cup is what sent me into an upward spiral of collecting all of the cups that I can get my hands on! Of course, my coffee cups are now overfilling my cabinet and entering other places in the house but that has not stopped me from purchasing a new cute one every now and again.
Coffee Before Talkee
Anyways, as I was browsing through the outlet mall awhile back, I ran into this really random boutique that set up shop for the weekend and decided to have a little browse. It wasn't long before I laid my eyes on this coffee mug and I knew I had to have it. I loved the detailing on the cup and I especially loved the cursive writing on the inside that simply reads "good morning" on the inside. Right as I was debating on whether I would get it or not I noticed that it was the LAST ONE which meant that if I didn't get it now then It would be gone forever.....soooo I bought it and I am in love. Right now it is one of my favorite mugs to drink out of in the morning and this coffee mug just puts me in a really happy mood! As for now, I am putting myself on a tight budget because this girl DOES NOT need a new coffee mug at all! I guess I will just hold this one close to my heart and I hope that I don't fall in love with another one anytime soon! (#dramatic) Ps: Do you guys have a favorite coffee/tea mug that you can't live without?



  1. Yes I have a cat mug I love. Its funny I do not have any real cats at enjoyed this read today..