How I Find Lipstick Colors That Work For My Skin Tone

Lipstick Colors That Work For My Skin Tone
When I first started to wear makeup, finding my lipstick shade was the worst task in the whooole world!
I never knew how daunting of a task it would be just to find a shade that looked nice on me. The only shades that around were peaches, bright reds, and other tones that did not suit Black-American skin. I don't know about you but as a young teenager trying to find her shade I can attest to the fact that it DOES NOT make you feel good about yourself. The lack of representation was hurtful and very frustrating but that did not stop me from trying to find the lipstick shade that would surely work for me.
True Story
I'll never forget when brands were finally starting to experiment with different colors for different skin tones and I was super happy about it. That was short lived because when I arrived in the store to pick a color I noticed that they were all vibrant lime greens, purples, blues and glitter colors. I was so annoyed that I just walked out of the store in disbelief and shock. My 15-year-old self could not understand why they would release clownish colors under and "everyday wear" line for women of color. I eventually swore off of lipstick shopping for a long time and didn't start to get back into makeup shopping until I entered college. Fast forward to 2018 and things are looking a lot better for women that look like me and beyond! I feel like we still have a long way to go but it's definitely further than what it used to be...
Lipstick Colors That Work For My Skin Tone
Now I can walk into a store and find at least one shade of lipstick that works for my skin tone. Don't get me wrong, along the years I have learned that Black skin is universal and can hold it's own against any shade but it's nice to see a few chocolates and maroons to pick from. I love to get colors that can look good on the job and on a casual date day out with the family. However, I do find that I like to stick to the same "mocha" type colors but can you blame a girl? I love how the three colors above not only change my look but also make me feel confident in the lip colors that I picked out! Now when I go lipsitck shopping I like to focus on anything that says "raisin, mocha, maroon, chocolate, plum rose, crimson, and more". This allows me to really zone in on the perfect nudes for my skin tone and gives me a bit of wiggle room to move in between each color. Grant it, it can become a tedious process but there is nothing more satisfying than coming home with the shade a lipstick that works wonders for you!



  1. Wait until you get a little older. Then you will be looking for the younger pops of color. It will be another struggle. lol Enjoyed this one:)