10 Things That Made My Life Happier This Week

Happy Diaries
Happy Saturday everyone! It's my favorite time of the week where I share things that made me happy!!
10 Happy Moments 
  • It rained the majority of the week and it has been amazing. If you're anything like me then good rain means good sleep so you can believe that I am well rested right now!
  • I bought a brand new pair of shoes and I am in love with them! I have been wearing my mules with every outfit and I wish I liked the trend before summer was coming to an end!
  • I am still flying through the first season of One Tree Hill and I am living for the teen drama!
  • They added The Flintstones to Netflix and you better believe I have had it on repeat!
  • I was introduced to Oui Yoplait yogurt and I don't know why it tastes like a piece of heaven!
  • I have finally started to dip my toes into wearing "dangly earrings" and I am obsessed! When I had longer hair I would wear them all the time but when I joined that pixie life I didn't want to wear dramatic earrings anymore! Now I am obsessed and they make me feel more confident!
  • I was finally able to declutter my desk drawer and I feel like I just shed 100 pounds! I don't know how that desk became so dirty but I won't let that happen again....hopefully! 
  • I was finally able to find a good bottle of Louisiana hot sauce and I bought several bottles. Don't judge me, please!
  • My family and I had the best pizza in the world this week and I'm still dreaming about it as I type this sentence!
  • I was actually pretty happy that August is passing by because that means we are closer to September which means it's basically Fall! Ok, I may be doing a lot but let me have this moment, please!
It's the end of the week and I feel like this one was pretty chilled. With the amount of rain happening there wasn't much to be done and I was reminded that sometimes it's ok to slow down a bit. I realize that life can get so busy and it's easy to get caught up in the madness but I still find those little moments of happiness that I hold close to my heart. I will forever believe that happiness is in the eye of the beholder and if you want it you have to really fight for it. For me, with there being so much going on in the world, I really like to focus on the positivity because If I don't I know I would probably go insane! So this week I challenge you to find those tiny moments of joy and appreciate them for what they are! Sometimes life will send you the simplest of reminders to always look on the bright side no matter how bad things may seem....



  1. Those are the best happy moments...reality:)
    xo tangie

  2. loving this list of simple moments that bring true joy :-)

    1. Thank you so much! It's the simple things that really bring happiness!