Happy Diaries: How I Am Looking Forward To Enjoying The Weekend

Happy Diaries: How I Am Looking Forward To Enjoying The Weekend
Why does it feel like this took absolutely forever to arrive here? I am more than ready for Saturday to arrive so that I can enjoy my weekend with the family, close up this week's responsibilities and relax!
Happy Diaries
"But in the meantime, I want to share what made me happy this week"
  • I finally was able to go to the pumpkin patch! I purchased a few things for my room and now I am totally in the fall spirit!
  • I watched a movie on Netflix called Irreplaceable You and it was amazing. Grant it, it will make you cry but it definitely shifted my perspective on life a bit! #youwillcry
  • I found a new chocolate lipstick and I cannot wait to rock it this weekend!
  • I am still saying goodbye to summer by rocking the last of my fav summer pieces when the weather is warm enough for it! Didn't think I'd get so attached to my summer wardrobe like I did! Ha! But I will be restyling them in the Fall so stay tuned for that!
  • This week my sister made the BEST sprinkled sugar cookies in the world and I may or may not have eaten one too many of them! Oops!
  • I finally purchased some goodies from Trader Joe's, including my cookie butter! Yum!
  • I had my first cinnamon swirl bagel of the season and I couldn't be happier!
Happy Diaries: How I Am Looking Forward To Enjoying The Weekend
Even though this week was kind of slow, I still enjoyed those small moments in between! This is the time of year when everyone starts to feel a little down but this is the time where you have to focus the hardest and make sure that you keep your brain in a happy space! Anyways, I am looking forward to the weekend and I hope you have a great one as well!



  1. I love reading your happy diaries. You always find the brighter side of slow days. That is how we should live everyday, expecting good and happiness to surround us. Awesome tips and ideas.
    xo tangie

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoy them!!! And we should always enjoy those little slow moments around us!