Styling My Bright Colored Scarf For The Fall Season

Scarf Love In The City!
Happy Thursday everybody!! I thought I'd do a quick little pop in and share this new scarf that I found!!
Believe it or not, I found this little scarf on the clearance rack from Target! Though I am pretty confident that you guys already knew that because I talk about Tarjay all the time but I thought I'd say it for those of you that are new! Anyways, this little thing was on sale for $4 and you better believe that I wasn't going to pass it up! If I don't love anything in this world I can definitely say that a good deal is one of them. Like I said in the previous post, I haven't fully gotten on with my "warm weather" shopping mainly because I don't want to overdo it! Also, I don't want to overbuy and not know if it's actually going to get that cold here in Texas or not! Anyways, I just thought I'd start off by purchasing small items such as scarves, stockings and a few bits and bobs from here and there.
Scarf Love In The City!
For me, scarves are my literal go-to for the Fall! I had some really good ones from a few seasons back but ended up giving them to the thrift store so that I can invest in some better quality ones for this year! I am very happy that I found this seafoam colored one for a good price because sometimes thick scarves like this can get a tad bit expensive! I also know that this may be a weird color to purchase during the Fall months but I don't want to dress up in dark clothes so soon. I find that the wearing dark clothes coupled with the rolling back of the time change can seem a bit agonizing! I want to keep my wardrobe a bit more upbeat this Fall/Winter so I will see how this goes! Anyways, are there any Fall staples you're going to invest in? Let me know below!


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